A strong and diverse consortium of experts from across Europe will develop a fully modular retrofit solution, comprising a wind-solar hybrid power system to significantly reduce auxiliary engine emissions and a tilting wing sail system to provide wind-assisted propulsion, significantly reducing main engine fuel consumption and emissions.

WHISPER partners

WHISPER partners are thirteen strong, coming from 6 European countries: Iceland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Austria.


Consulting engineers & project lead

At Verkís, more than 350 staff work on a wide range of projects, both in Iceland and abroad. Verkís provides professional service of the highest quality which is competitive with the best available in the world. We are proud to have participated in the development of communities, in Iceland and around the world, and we continue unabated with new and exciting solutions in our suitcase.

Verkís is a leader in the field of consultancy and design for eco-friendly energy production and has played an important part in development of such power generation in Iceland. Projects like WHISPER aligns with their focus on energy transition, sustainability and innovation and builds on our expertise from sustainable energy projects.

Sidewind logo


Wind turbine innovation

SideWind aims to demonstrate the potential of wind energy in lowering emission from the container shipping industry. SideWind brings a new concept based on a plug&play, recyclable and cost-effective vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT), horizontally arranged, inside a wall-free container to harness the wind energy flowing over cargo ships. Vessel’s owners do not need to redesign neither carry out infrastructural changes to implement SideWind. The design of SideWind turbines allows to manage them as another container, being easily loaded/unloaded.

AYRO logo


Wind propulsion innovation

Founded in 2018 by Marc Van Peteghem, AYRO is a French industrial company that designs, manufactures and delivers Oceanwings®, a wind propulsion system dedicated to the decarbonization of maritime transport.
Our technology is an automated, lowerable and patented wing sail which enables the hybridization of the new build and retrofit vessels, saving up to 45% of fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The wingsail has a unique design, with a two-element aerodynamic profile, offering unmatched aerodynamic lift with limited drag. The advantages of our system are numerous: optimized weight, small deck space and simplicity in its structure allowing a quick installation on ships. All of these elements will support a wind range of commercial vessels in their technological transition.

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Solar panel innovation

Solbian is an Italian company that specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of high-performance, flexible solar panels. Established in 2009, Solbian has grown to become a renowned brand in the renewable energy industry, offering innovative solutions for a wide range of applications.

The Solbianflex module was first created to meet the energy demands of the marine racing industry. However, it has since expanded into other fields such as architecture and mobility, where it offers an environmentally-friendly power source that can be utilized wherever needed.

As a company, Solbian is committed to sustainability and takes pride in being part of the transition to a greener feature by providing solar panels designed to help individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

With innovation, efficiency, and reliability as its primary attributes, the flexible solar panel manufactured by Solbian features a patented multi-layer envelope that encases the crystalline silicon cells, producing a remarkably resilient module. This durability has been proven through testing by navigators who have employed it in various races worldwide, enduring even the most severe weather conditions. With its adaptable and straightforward installation process, combined with a high level of customization, it serves as a comprehensive product that meets the diverse energy needs of various settings.


Stirling Design International logo

Stirling Design International

Design and naval architecture

Stirling Design International, design and naval architecture office based in Nantes, France, has specialized in project design and project management for inland and seagoing vessels.
The office was founded in 1976. SDI offers a wide variety of services in the field of naval design: research and development, concept and basic design, naval engineering, interior architecture, exterior and interior design and construction follow up.

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Technological center for composites and advanced materials

CANOE is a R&D center specialized in formulation and manufacturing techniques for the development of finished and semi-finished products in the field of composites and advanced materials. Their goal is to assist companies in the development of innovative products and processes to meet industrial needs.

CANOE both creates R&D contracts and participates in more than 15 cooperative national and European projects. CANOE is located in multiple sites in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region to collaborate within short distances with local industrial partners.


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IT systems

Dotcom is specialized in the design and implementation of solutions based on new technologiescombining experience and innovation. In the market it joins organizations and companies in manysectors with innovative paradigms. 

Our primary activities are design, development and integrationof IT systems providing innovative instruments to help our clients to approach markets in a more competitive way. Dotcom’s core business is the development of tailored solutions for the market with open source technologies.

Dotcom is part of the Epipoli Group, one of the European biggest fintech companies, leader for prepaid cards.


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Ship agency

ANT is providing day-to-day operations and technical management of ships (bulk carriers) for TOPIC (Marfin) fleet. It is also actively included in the shipbuilding sector, dry dock and repair/conversion of the bulk carrier, thus proving important knowledge and means for the prototype assembling and commissioning. The Marfin group (of which ANT is part of) has been operating in the last 100 years, having a huge network with shipowners and ship operators worldwide. They have an active fleet of 7 ships including handymax, supramax and ultramax. It is also a shipping agency operating in the port of Trieste.

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International transportation

Samskip is an international transportation company which offers transportation and related services by sea, river, rail, road, and air, around the world, focusing on cost-efficient areliable, and environmentally friendly solutions. Samskip is now one of the larger European transport companies, with offices in 26 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia, employing approximately 1,700 people around the world.

Samskip is a Dutch company, headquartered in the Netherlands, founded in Iceland in 1990.


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Law firm

BBA//Fjeldco is a top tier specialized corporate law firm based in Reykjavík, Iceland with operations in both the United Kingdom and France. The team consists of over 30 specialized business lawyers, with qualifications in Iceland, England, France and New York. For more than fifteen years, BBA//Fjeldco has been active in the field of energy law advising clients on energy projects all over the world. The firm advises on all legal aspects of renewable energy project development such as investment into and/or sponsoring of projects, project financing, involvement of drilling companies and other service providers.  BBA//Fjeldco has in recent years worked closely with the World Bank, UNDP and authorities in various countries to evaluate the legal environment for renewable energy sources.

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New product development services

Inspiralia is a consulting group operating in the DACH region whose history in Austria dates back to 1994. It specializes in research, development, growth and innovation funding for companies. With its decades of experience, Inspiralia offers a 360-degree service and supports companies from the project idea through the entire funding application and processing to optimal financing. With the backing of its globally active parent company, Inspiralia Group, Inspiralia is a regional partner with international roits. With more than 35 employees in the DACH region, Inspiralia currently realizes around 350 projects per year.

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Lloyd’s Register

Classification, training and advisory services

Lloyd’s Register is a global professional services company specialising in engineering and technology for the maritime industry.

Trusted maritime advisers, Lloyd’s Register partners with clients to drive performance across the ocean economy. Lloyd’s Register are the world’s first marine classification society, created more than 260 years ago to improve the safety of ships.

Their technical expertise is offered in more than 70 locations, serving clients based in 182 countries.


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Communications consultans

Athygli is an Icelandic consultancy firm that specialises in all forms of communications and public relations. Based in Reykjavík, Athygli provides a comprehensive service in terms af strategic communications, stakeholder analysis and relations, media relations and PR, public affairs.